Our leading team at Stage Makers Academy are not just ‘good with children’, they have the ability to remember what it feels like to be a brand new human and to appreciate the magic in discovery. 

The Stage Maker leaders want to share the experience in a fun, positive, meaningful and lasting way. 

We want to raise aspirations and inspire children and young adults to make positive life choices!

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Stage Makers Academy. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. 

Children's Writer & Musical Composer

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Elena Malekkou

Hello everyone! My name is Elena & I am the founder of Stage Makers Academy. 

I decided to open a Drama School locally as I felt there was a need for Performing Arts based training like ours. 

I myself trained in Acting at a London Drama School. I then went on to complete 4 years studying Drama & Film at University and spent a year training in California, all at which I began directing & choreographing Productions for Children’s Theatre. After graduation I worked for two global Production & Post Production companies in Film & TV before deciding to follow my dream of opening up a Drama School. Taking my expertise & experience in both industries, our programmes have been carefully tailored to explore Stage Performance & Stage Production. 

Among a million and one things we have learnt from this past year, I hope we can all take away the importance of health & happiness as these are our two fundamental needs. Stage Makers Academy is here to support healthy young minds and lives with the sole aim of nurturing expressive, happy & confident children all through the power of Drama. 



Olivia Morley

My name is Olivia and I am a Performing Arts Student with a passion for Drama. I hope to pass on my skills to the future Drama stars out there. I am currently studying a Higher National Diploma in Performing Arts which I will then top up with a BA honours next year! I love teaching and making children confident and happy in themselves through the creativity of Drama.