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S is for SKILLS through drama we learn invaluable life long skills. 

T is for TEAMWORK working together to achieve a collective goal 

A is for ACTIVE encouraging physical and emotional play 

G is for GROWTH a home to you at every age and every stage

E is for EDUCATIONAL exploring people, environments and different cultures. 

M is for MINDFULNESS using drama as a tool to nurture every child's wellbeing 

A is for ACCEPTANCE implementing diversity and equality in everything

K is for KINDNESS a place of positivity and compassion 

E is for ENCOURAGEMENT supporting you to explore a range of emotions 

R is for RELATIONSHIPS developing safe and positive friendships

S is for STORYTELLERS the gift we give to the world. 


If Stage Makers Academy is the Drama School you have been waiting for then get in contact today!

Please specify if you are enquiring about a Free Trial, Workshop Event or our regular Drama School. 


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